Schofield Bill Protects Texas Elections From Federal Takeover

Facing a threatened federal takeover of Texas elections by Democrats in D.C., Republican lawmakers in Austin filed bills to protect the state’s voting processes—primarily voter registration—from overreaching mandates. One of those bills received a public hearing this week.

House Bill 4507 by State Rep. Mike Schofield (R–Katy) is a “trigger” bill to separate state and federal elections in the event congressional Democrats pass H.R. 1, a federal measure that would seize power from state legislatures to set their own election laws.

On Wednesday, Schofield laid out HB 4507 in the House State Affairs Committee, explaining what the bill does, why it’s needed, and how it would be implemented.

HB 4507 anticipates that this year Congress will pass H.R. 1, a top Democrat priority resurrected from 2019 that seeks to transform how American elections are run by forcing all states to adopt a left-wing litany of lax voting processes.

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