Texas Military Commander: ‘8,000 Soldiers Are at Risk‘ From Vaccine Mandate

Internal recordings of recent town halls held within the Texas military show a high number of soldiers are at risk of being discharged due to federal vaccine mandates. A Texas military leader expressed little hope that the strategy Gov. Greg Abbott has chosen (relying on the courts) will prevent this.

Morale among the Texas National Guard is already low, according to multiple sources deployed to the border as part of Operation Lone Star (OLS). Their superiors have admitted as much, evidenced by the growing volume of still unfulfilled promises to address problems like ongoing pay issues and lack of supplies.

But, there’s another issue that might be weighing on soldiers’ minds, one that could further derail OLS: vaccine mandates.

At two recently held town halls of the 36th Infantry Division, the issue of vaccine mandates was a key focus of the conversation and pressure campaign from superiors. According to recordings of both meetings, provided by a source, and slides from the second meeting, the scale of the problem is massive.

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