We are being told that we must turn our thermostats up and conserve energy because like back in February with the icy snowmaggedon we may be facing more power outages as the hellish heat of Texas weather moves in. If that ain’t a stick in the spokes, I don’t know what is.

The power grid in Texas will continue to be an issue until something REAL is done about it.

Texas leads the nation in energy production. So what’s the problem? Better yet, what’s the solution?

We must increase baseline and reserve power! We don’t have enough generation capacity to manage peak usage times and times when certain power generation isn’t available. We need back up power.

It’s time to recommission closed power plants and find other power generation solutions.

We must solidify the grid and power transfer ability across the state.

The problem is getting worse. Reliance on wind and solar is NOT the solution. Sometimes the winds don’t blow and the sun don’t shine. And speaking of where the sun don’t shine...that’s the best place to stick those windmills.

And let’s not forget the free market when it comes to solutions.

I support removing government barriers and direct subsidies to the production, reformulation, refining, and distribution of energy. I’m not opposed to innovation— it’s exactly the opposite. I love innovation, which is why I want the government to get out of its way. Anyone who thinks that the free market isn’t innovating cleaner, better forms of energy in the most efficient manner possible needs to hit me up about this bridge I’ve got for sale. Especially if they think the government can do a better job of regulating it, and has their best interests in mind. I stand diametrically opposed to environmentalism that obstructs legitimate business interests and private property use— in other words, I’m against ideologically-driven idiocy. Don’t blame me; I was born that way.

I trust the free market to come up with solutions to most of our problems. Let’s let them do it.


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